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God's Creatures Pet Crematory
Private Cremation
This service provides the pet privacy in the cremation chamber and provides the owner peace of mind that the pet has received the highest level of individual care.  Afterwards, its cremated remains are carefully packaged in a temporary urn for the owner.  You can be assured the “Cremains” are those of your pet.  For your convenience we have a nice selection of decorative urns.   Click here for Pricing.

Communal Cremation
This service is for those individuals who do not wish to retain the remains of their pet, but still wish to receive the highest quality of care for their pet.  A pet’s remains will be joined with the remains of other pets in the cremation chamber, and cremated with disposition to follow with burial/scattering on our facility grounds at God’s Creatures Pet Crematory.  This service provides an alternative to disposal in the local landfill.  Do not be misled.  The landfill has often been described to the consumer as “Common burial”. Click here for Pricing.

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