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Questions and Answers

Question - Why choose pet cremation?
Answer - More and more families are choosing cremation as an option in dealing with the loss of a family pet. Cremation provides more choices for dealing with your faithful companion's remains. Many families keep the ashes in their home as a remembrance of their pet while others may choose scattering or burial. Some people choose to one day be buried with their pet's remains. Burying a pet in the back yard used to be the best way to care for a pet that has died, but for many families that option is not feasible anymore and now it is again most city ordinances. Also, many people rent their home and others are not comfortable with the idea of leaving their pet behind when they move. Choosing cremation can allow you to keep your pets remains with your family as you move throughout life.
Question - Are pets cremated individually?
Answer  - We specialize in private cremation services for pets. The equipment we use is designed and operates the same way as a human cremation unit. There is a difference between an incinerator that handles large amounts of remains at the same time and the equipment we use. The private cremation service guarantees that the cremains you receive are those of your pet.
Quesiton - What is the cost?
Answer - The cost for a pet cremation services is based on the size of the animal. We are proud to offer this service directly through our facility or through the local veterinarian community. The service fee includes transfer of your pet from a local veterinarian office, or you may bring the pet to our facility.  Removal from the residence is an additional charge of $20.
Question - How will the remains be returned?
Answer  - We place the cremated remains in a temporary container to return to the family. We do this because some families choose to scatter the cremains. If you are keeping the cremains, you may want to consider placing them in an urn. We offer a complete line of pet urns and pet loss items at our pet crematory office and through our web site under the "Products" Button.