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The special bond between humans and animals can only be described as unconditional love.  It is truly a trying time when the bond is broken by the passing of a devoted pet.  Cremation is a way of paying a final tribute to your beloved pet, a voluntary “Act of Love.”

Founded in 1997, God’s Creatures Pet Crematory was conceived to operate as a professional service for pet owners for the private cremation of their pets.  It was set up to collaborate with veterinarians to provide continuity of services for life and after-life care for the clients we share.  While we are primarily a service for pet owners for the private cremation of pets, we also provide convenient support service for the communal cremation of deceased pets whose owners do not wish to keep the cremated remains. 


-  Pet cremation service will be prompt, reliable and trustworthy.
-  Services will be provided with dignity and respect for the pet and with compassion for the family.
-  Procedures will guarantee the identity of the cremated remains and return to the rightful owners.


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